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March 18, 1964: Norbert Wiener, Father of Cybernetics, dies

Norbert Wiener, a child prodigy who became a world-renowned mathematician and anti-war spokesman, died on this date in 1964. Wiener was a leader in the field of cybernetics (a word he coined), the interdisciplinary...

August 29, 1865: Robert Remak, the first Jewish university professor (1847) in Poland, died

Robert Remak, the first Jewish university professor (1847) in Poland, died on this date in 1865. Remak was a doctor of neurology who made important discoveries about nerve fibers and named the ectoderm, mesoderm,...
The first Israeli lunar spacecraft, named “Beresheet,” was loaded into a special shipping container on Jan. 17, 2019 in Israel to be flown to Florida ahead of SpaceIL’s historic mission to the moon on Feb. 21, 2019. Photo by Tomer Levi.

Israel launched country’s first space mission to the moon

Israel became the first to launch a privately funded mission to the moon, in addition to becoming the fourth country to launch a lunar spacecraft, on Thursday night. The SpaceX Falcon 9 successfully launched from...

Super WiFi, achieving the Fastest Wireless Connection on the Planet

Suppose you want to share a movie between two devices, now let's say that the movie is in Blu-ray format, to make matters worse we have seven of these movies, and we have only...

Israeli life-changing technology – Orcam

This incredible Israeli invention is changing the lives of those who are blind and visually impaired. The OrCam, a small discreet camera that attaches to glasses, uses groundbreaking technology to help the visually impaired...

When Recreation Is No Longer Much Fun

Modern technology has had a tremendous influence on the world of human recreation, partly as a result of the development of totally new forms of competition, both with others as well as with oneself,...

Israeli tech firms revving up engines for self-driving cars

As the world moves toward an era of self-driving cars, Israel is positioning itself to be the Detroit of the future. The country has emerged as a global leader in the fast-growing field of driverless...

Shifting People’s Sense Of Reality To Achieve Political Goals

Up until relatively recently in history, most people could agree on what constituted a common sense objective reality.  Subjective reality was something else, and certainly each individual permitted to a degree the projection of...

Talking To Machines As If They Were People

One of the cores ideas consistently discussed in this column has been mirroring.  A baby reaches out to his mother to satisfy his needs and his mother’s response to him is based on how...

How Conspiracy Theories Help Us To Feel Alive

Our news these days seems to be literally overflowing with stories about conspiracies and accusations of conspiracies.  One very prominent conspiracy to come to the surface recently is that where Russia supposedly influenced the...