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Verter fun der Vokh – Thanksgiving

carve the turkey: צע)שנײַ֜דן <אױ֜פֿשנײַדן> דעם אי֜נדיק) cranberry sauce: דער זשורעכלי֜נע־סאָס feast: די סעודה, ־ות give thanks for: זאָגן אַ דאַנק פֿאַר gravy: די (בראָ֜ט)יױך; דער ראָסל; די זו֜זע; דער סאָס honey-glazed sweet potatoes: באַטאַ֜טעס אָ֜פּגעגלאָזט <אָ֜פּגלאַזירט> מיט האָ֜ניק Indian...

Thankful for a chair at the table

The COVID-19 virus that has hijacked humanity in 2020 is 10,000 times smaller than a grain of salt. It’s not even a living organism, like bacteria. It’s an inanimate object, more like a microscopic...

6 Time-Tested Turkey Cooking Methods for Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving turkey is the largest food item many American Jews will ever cook. Often weighing 20 pounds or more, a turkey is bigger than an untrimmed brisket and almost quadruple the size of a...
Thanksgiving turkey. Credit: Pixabay.

A downsized Thanksgiving still means turkey and pie

Thanksgiving is the most widely celebrated American holiday, but this year, it’s going to look a little like Passover—families in their homes, eating a festive meal separately, maybe with a Zoom call planned. With...
An artist's interpretation of the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Mass. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

The attitude of gratitude: Jewish insights to share at your Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving. They got it from us. The evidence: Things they don’t teach you in school, like the Pilgrims modeling their autumn thanksgiving holiday after the Jewish harvest holiday of Sukkot, celebrated just a few weeks...
“Bikkur cholim” (“visiting the sick”) is a mitzvah and a comfort to others. The Hebrew words serve as a testimony of the Jewish tenets of caring, compassion, devotion and the incentive to heal. Credit: Pixabay.

Giving Jewish thanks as part of ‘Bikur cholim’

Thanksgiving is a major American holiday. No matter a person’s color, race, religion or political views, families and friends travel from coast to coast to celebrate together. The table is loaded with traditional dishes...

A Thanksgiving movie marathon with Jewish flavor

Why just watch the Macy’s parade when you can celebrate the holiday with flicks like “Fiddler on the Roof” and “The Ten Commandments?” In addition to cooking all day and eating to your heart’s content...

The Jewish Origins of Thanksgiving

In 1621, colonists at Plymouth held a feast, expressing their gratitude to God for a good harvest. This is widely understood to be the original Thanksgiving celebration—but Moshe Sokolow points to an even earlier celebration and...
American inventor Rube Goldberg. Credit: Official Rube Goldberg Facebook page.

Thinking, writing, reworking and rewiring in the likes of Rube Goldberg

This Thanksgiving season, there are several opportunities to experience the legendary Rube Goldberg. The Rube Goldberg Cartoon Gallery features the cartoon “simple way to carve a turkey,” as well as many other classic whimsical inventions “for...
A flock of wild turkeys. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

The short story on how turkey became kosher

Thanksgiving usually consists of cooking on a level that Jews do every week for Shabbat preparation—soup, salad and all those sides that accompany the main dish. And while chicken has been a staple from the...