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Yiddish Word of the Day: Rain

Yiddish Word of the Day: Rain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdpZqnt7DUs

A Yom Kippur story

The synagogue packed with people praying under their white tallises looks like "a forest of snow-covered trees" and everyone prays the same prayer, but under each tallis there is a different person with different...

Yiddish Word of the Day: Rosh Hashanah

Yiddish Word of the Day: Rosh Hashanah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf93TyLywzs

Yiddish Crosswords

Thanks for visiting the Forward’s Yiddish Crosswords game! This will not work on your mobile phone, so please load it on a larger screen device like an iPad, or a laptop/desktop computer. Your progress...

Yosef Guri, who collected Yiddish proverbs, has died

ד״ר יוסף גורי, אַ פּראָפֿעסאָר פֿון רוסיש וואָס איז ווי אַ קינד על־פּי־נס ניצול געוואָרן פֿונעם חורבן און האָט געשטרעבט צו פֿאַראייביקן דאָס לשון פֿון זײַנע אומגעבראַכטע עלטערן, איז די וואָך ניפֿטר געוואָרן. ער...

David G. Roskies, “Rabbis, Rebbes and Other Humanists: The Search for a Usable Past...

David G. Roskies, “Rabbis, Rebbes and Other Humanists: The Search for a Usable Past in Modern Yiddish Literature,” Studies in Contemporary Jewry 12 (1996): 55-77 These Zydki, wooden figurines of traditionaal Polish Jews, come in...

A Celebration of the Life and Work of Sholem Asch

An international celebration of Yiddish writer Sholem Asch’s life and work, including theater, films, music, photographs, sketches, satire, art, and family stories. Now in its 3rd year, Asch Wednesday 2021 streamed live, courtesy of...

February 19, 1997: Leo Rosten, author of “Joys Of Yiddish”, dies at age 88

Leo Rosten, the author of The Joys of Yiddish and numerous other popular, witty and erudite books, died on this date in 1997 in New York City at age 88. Rosten earned a doctorate in political...

Yiddish professor goes viral in town hall with President Biden

President Joe Biden engaged in a rare moment of kvelling during a live broadcast of a CNN town hall in Milwaukee on Tuesday night. “I actually know some Yiddish,” Biden revealed during an exchange with a Jewish...

A new book, about a student from the I.L. Peretz Yiddish School

ס׳איז לעצטנס אַרויס אַ ראָמאַן מיט אַ זעלטענער טעמע — די איבערלעבונגען פֿון אַ תּלמידה אין אַ וועלטלעכער ייִדיש־שפּראַכיקער טאָגשול. סענדי שעפֿרין ראַבין, אַ נעווראָלאָגין, איז אויפֿגעוואַקסן אין וויניפּעג, קאַנאַדע וווּ זי איז געווען אַ...