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Start your Chanukah with other around the world

START YOUR CHANUKAH WITH OTHERS AROUND THE WORLD! * Yiddish Chanukah songs * * candle-lighting * * blessings * Yiddish Song Workshop & Sing-along: Chanukah GRAND FINALE led by Binyumen Schaechter via Zoom and YouTube Sunday, November 28 7 to 8 p.m. ET (New York time) REGISTER IN ADVANCE: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYudOCrpjIpE9zaw9zC6UyEZzwmF889m5zB A CONFIRMATION EMAIL WILL CONTAIN...

Songs from the Kitchen — Chanukah Edition!

FREE to stream right here! November 28th – December 6, 2021 Presented in English and Yiddish with English translation subtitles Featuring: Sir Frank London Lorin Sklamberg Sarah Gordon Directed by Stephanie Lynne Mason Edited by Adam B. Shapiro Photography direction by Merete Muenter NYTF dishes up an...

WATCH: Jimmy Buffett in Yiddish (“Come to me”)

WATCH: Jimmy Buffett in Yiddish (“Come to me”) Click here to read full article.    דער אַמעריקאַנער פּאָעט און זינגער דזשימי באָפֿעט איז באַקאַנט ווי אַ מחבר פֿון טשיקאַווע לידער, וואָס האָבן אָפֿט צו טאָן מיט משקה און סעקס....

Shana Tova. A Gut Yor – Duo Gefilte Fish

Shana Tova. A Gut Yor - Duo Gefilte Fish

Deadline for international Yiddish music contest extended to August 31

די אָרגאַניזירער פֿון די „באָבע־פּרעמיעס‟ — דער גרעסטער קאָנקורס פֿון נײַע ייִדישע לידער און כּלי־⁠זמר־קאָמפּאָזיציעס אויף דער וועלט — האָבן געמאָלדן אַז מע האָט פֿאַרלענגערט דעם טערמין אַרײַנצושיקן די שאַפֿונגען ביזן 31סטן אויגוסט 2021. די געווינער וועלן...

Special Zoom Program Celebrating Seymour Rosenthal’s Art

Welcome to YAAANA's first art auction! This is a Zoom event that will feature Yiddish music and special guests. We are offering a collection of Seymour Rosenthal’s most representative artwork. Seymour Joseph Rosenthal was...

“Partizaner-himen” (Partisans’ Hymn) or “Zog nit keyn mol,” performed by The JPPC

Lyrics: Hirsh Glik (1922-1944) Melody: Dmitry Pokrass (1899-1978) Musical arrangement: Binyumen Schaechter (2018) Yiddish Philharmonic Chorus דער ייִדישער פֿילהאַרמאָנישער כאָר (formerly Jewish People’s Philharmonic Chorus / JPPC) Binyumen Schaechter, Conductor בנימין שעכטער, דיריגענט Seth Weinstein, pianist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBdTnthBw2o

Jacob Sandler, “Mayn Erster Tango” — מײַן ערשטער טאַנגאָ

Mayn Ershter Tango -- מײַן ערשטער טאַנגאָ Recording: On album: S-027(a) (Jacob Sandler Mayn Erster Tango -- מײַן ערשטער טאַנגאָ) Track ID: 9845 Author/Composer/Artist Sandler, Jacob -- סאַנדלער, יעקבֿ First line: Mayn ershtn tango mit dir, vel ikh in...

Traditional passover songs for listening, singing and enjoying!

The Maccabeats - Dayenu - Passover - דיינו Music video for “Dayenu," a multi-genre twist on the classic Passover Seder song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZgDNPGZ9Sg&list=RDCZgDNPGZ9Sg&start_radio=1 Gad Elbaz - Ma Nishtana גד אלבז - מה נשתנה https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1rH7rYuZQE Prayer-eoke: The Four Questions (Mah Nishtana...)...