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University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, August 2017. Credit: Justraveling.com via Wikimedia Commons.

Spanish university cancels course comparing Gaza to Auschwitz

A university in Spain canceled a course that would have examined comparisons between the Auschwitz concentration camp and the Gaza Strip after facing backlash from a local pro-Israel group. The University of Santiago de Compostela’s...
The Israeli company Netline Communications Technologies signed a contract to supply explosive device (IED) jammers to the Spanish Ministry of Defense, August 2021. Credit: Courtesy of Netline.

Israeli company to supply IED jammers to Spanish Ministry of Defense

The Israeli company Netline Communications Technologies announced on Monday that it will deliver 87 improvised explosive device (IED) jammers to the Spanish Ministry of Defense in November. The delivery is part of a five-year...
A screenshot of a Spanish TV broadcaster accusing Israel of genocide against the Palestinians. Source: Screenshot.

Anti-Semitism watchdog calls for disciplinary action against Spanish TV host over anti-Semitic comments

The Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) is calling for disciplinary action against a reporter from a television station in Spain who made anti-Semitic remarks during a broadcast about Israeli athletes. TV3’s commentator Clara Basiana made the...
Eden Blecher (left) and Shelly Bobritzky will be among only nine artistic-duet teams to compete in the Tokyo Olympics in July 2021. Credit: Israel Swimming Association/FINA.

TV broadcaster in Spain accuses Israeli swimming duo of cover for ‘genocide’

While two Israeli swimmers took to the podium to await the results in their final qualifying tournament before the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, a broadcaster with a TV station in Spain took the opportunity to...

May 19, 1588: The Spanish Armada

The Jews of Spain had their revenge on the Inquisition and the Spanish monarch on this date in 1588 when the Spanish Armada arrived in Lisbon in preparation for an attack on England, and...
The Unidas Podemos Party. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Spanish watchdog warns of far-left anti-Semitic parties in regional elections

Ahead of the forthcoming regional Madrid elections on May 4, Action and Communication on the Middle East (ACOM), a leading organization in the fight against anti-Semitism in Spain, has launched a campaign called “Vote...

March 31, 1492: The Alhambra Decree was issued to expel Jews from the country

On 31 March 1492 the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, issued the Alhambra Decree, also known as the Edict of Expulsion, giving notice to all practising Jews to leave the kingdoms of Castile and...
A neo-Nazy rally in Madrid, Spain. Source: Screenshot.

Spain’s Jewish communities insist on investigation into neo-Nazi rally

The Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain (FCJE) called on the country’s hate-crimes public prosecutor to investigate anti-Semitic hate speech made during a demonstration in Madrid on Feb. 13 of more than 300 people...
American Jewish reggae singer, rapper, beatboxer and alternative-rock musicianMatisyahu, Dec. 15, 2019. Credit: Kats Cadenza/Katherine Barner via Wikimedia Commons.

Spanish court dismisses charges against anti-Israel group that held up concert

A Spanish court has dismissed charges of anti-Semitism against an anti-Israel group that temporarily forced the cancellation of a Matisyahu concert almost six years ago. On Jan. 11, the provisional court in Valencia acquitted eight...

December 30, 1066: The Granada Massacre

A Muslim mob stormed the royal palace in Granada, Spain on this date in 1066, crucified Joseph ibn Naghrela, the Jewish vizier to the Berber king, and massacred more than a thousand Jewish families....