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Fatah Central Committee member to Netanyahu, Lieberman, Bennett: ‘You are criminals and neo-Nazis!’

Speaking on the Palestinian Authority’s TV channel on Aug. 13, Fatah Central Committee member Jibril Rajoub addressed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Education Minister Naftali Bennett, saying: “You are...
With jazz backup, Cantor Aryeh Leib Hurwitz sings “Sheyibone,” a fundamental Jewish prayer beseeching G-d to rebuild the Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple), ushering in a period of global unity and harmony. Credit: Courtesy.video

Tapping into the ‘Golden Age’ of cantorial music for the 21st century

Aryeh Leib Hurwitz is attuned to all things musical. A chazzan (“cantor”) and ordained Chabad rabbi born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., he studied at yeshivahs around the world while honing his voice and performing...

Gaza judge on Hamas TV: ‘Jihad in Palestine a duty incumbent on all Muslims’

Interviewed by Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV channel, Sheikh Omar Nofal, a judge in Gaza’s Shari’a appeals court extolled the six virtues of martyrdom, asking: “How can anyone cling to this world after hearing all of these...
A beehive in flames from an incendiary kite at a honey farm in southern Israel near the Gaza Strip. Credit: Alon Sigron.video

Fire kites sting Negev honey farms just before Rosh Hashanah

When you drive into Israel’s Sha’ar HaNegev Region in the northwestern Negev, the fields are burnt and black. The trees are broken, and the smell of acrid smoke stings the eyes and nose. “It is...

Israeli woman tells of saving Syrian lives

Gal Lusky, an Israeli humanitarian worker who helps provide aid to Syrian refugees, has spent the better part of four years going undercover to give medical supplies and food to families across the border....

The 1st Infant MRI Anywhere in the World is at Shaare Zedek Medical Center

It's completely new, developed in Israel, and the first infant MRI anywhere on the planet is in the NICU at Shaare Zedek Medical Center Jerusalem / המרכז הרפואי שערי צדק. Senior Neonatologist Dr. Alona Bin-Nun of...

Actress Natalie Portman remembers Polish-born Jewish writer

Ms Portman’s grandfather was also born in central Poland. She recorded the video for the animal rights organization PETA to show how Singer’s progressive ideas still apply after all those years. Speaking of the writer’s...

One Year Later: The Answer to ‘Where are your Jews?’

Testimony by UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer, delivered before the UN Human Rights Council, July 3, 2018: Mr. President, one year ago in this chamber I asked the Arab states a simple question: 'Where...

What makes a Palestinian parent proud? A son who recruits suicide-bombers

One of the signs of the Palestinian Authority’s successful indoctrination of its population to admire terrorists who have murdered civilians, is when parents of terrorists openly say they are “proud” of their terrorist sons, or describe...

Ada & Allison “In Droyzn is Finster” (It’s dark outside)

בלומינגטאָנער טאַלאַנטן אַדה־רבקה העטקאָ און אַליסאָן פּאָזנער זינגען דאָס פאָלקסליד “אין דרויסן איז פינצטער” בלומינגטאָן, אינדיאַנאַ⁠דעם 14טן אַפּריל 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=96&v=1S0VtsoknEA

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