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January 20, 1496: Decree of Expulsion Issued for Portuguese Jews

Jewish Website - January 20, 2021
U.S. President Donald Trump speaking with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the normalization deal with Sudan, Oct. 23, 2020. Source: Screenshot.

Trump grants a second round of pardons including his daughter's father-in-law and two of his closest advisers

Jewish Website - January 20, 2021
Former Deputy CIA director David Cohen, who was appointed to the same position by U.S. President-elect Joe Biden. Credit: Central Intelligence Agency via Wikimedia Commons.

Biden taps two additional Jewish nominees to senior posts in intelligence, health

Jewish Website - January 20, 2021
Tony Blinken testifies in front of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee during his nomination hearing to be U.S. Secretary of State. Source: Screenshot.

Biden nominees stress that US will not be rejoining Iran nuclear deal anytime soon

Jewish Website - January 20, 2021
Israeli soldiers seen near IDF tanks stationed near the Israeli Gaza border on March 26, 2019. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90.

IDF tanks strike Hamas positions in response to continued rocket fire

Jewish Website - January 20, 2021
Police at a temporary roadblock outside Jerusalem on Jan.19, 2021, during Israel's third nationwide lockdown. Photo by Nati Shohat/Flash90.

Israel extends lockdown until Jan. 31 amid rising COVID-19 infection

Jewish Website - January 20, 2021

It’s time to stop counting Jews in the Cabinet

Jewish Democrats are celebrating this week and with good reason. Their party is about to...

Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you, dear friend.

Gratitude is literally written into our Jewish identity. In the Book of Genesis, when our foremother Leah...

The future of a divided America rests with Dr. Martin Luther King

Two days before U.S. President-elect Joe Biden delivers his inaugural address, we honor a man,...

Publishers beware: Banning books isn’t good for freedom (or business)

In an open letter posted last week to his website, young-adult novelist Barry Lyga called for like-minded...

Jewish vote provided majorities in battleground states

The Jewish stars aligned, politically speaking, on Nov. 3 and Jan. 5. A case can...

Trump’s Use Of Prejudice To Tie People To Him

As was previously stated in my last article, the main consistent themes in Trump’s policies...

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Cristobal Colon i el djudeo-espanyol

Los investigadores ke estudiaron las letras, dokumentos i livros ke eskrivio el deskuvridor del kontinente amerikano se demandan komo es posible ke Colon alkanso...

Clip épique : le gouvernement turc présente l’armée et Erdoğan comme...

Source : Internet – « Ministère turc de la communication » Voir la vidéo sous-titrée en anglais sur MEMRI TV Le 24 août 2020, en l’honneur de l’anniversaire...

Verter fun der Vokh – Impeachment Yet Again

article of impeachment: דער אײַ֜נשולדיק־⁠פּאַראַגראַ֜ף, ־ן gavel: דאָס הע֜מערל, ־⁠עך impeach: אײַ֜נשו֜לדיקן; אימפּי֜טשן be impeachable: ווע֜רט זײַן אימפּי֜טשמענט impeachable offense: דער פֿאַרברע֜כן וואָס איז ווע֜רט אימפּי֜טשמענט impeachment: די אײַ֜נשולדיקונג;...

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