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Head of Israel’s Labor Says Party Supports ‘Improved’ Iran Deal, Calls Netanyahu Approach a...

The head of Israel’s opposition Labor party said Tuesday that it would support a revamped nuclear agreement with Iran, and that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has failed on the issue. Speaking at a virtual event...
A view from Mount Bental, overlooking the border with Syria, in the Golan Heights on Aug. 22, 2020. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90.

Report: Prisoner exchange in works between Syria, Israel

A prisoner exchange in the works between Israel and Syria was reported on Wednesday by Syrian state media and foreign sources. The release allegedly involves two Syrians who are prisoners in Israel and an Israeli...

February 17, 1988: Israeli writers protest

”I’m for a Palestinian state, because that is the way to life. All other roads lead to death.” These words were spoken by Amos Oz to a gathering of 800, organized by the Israeli...
The Mamilla Mall near Jerusalem's Old City, on June 24, 2020. Photo by Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90.

Survey: Increase in Israeli use of anti-depressants during pandemic year

One year into the coronavirus pandemic, Israelis are showing signs of emotional and psychological distress, with consumption of anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medication and painkillers on the rise, as is smoking and weight gain, a new...
April Brady/Project on Middle East Democracy, via Wikimedia Commons

Arab Villages Not “Burning Down” As House Dems May Be Burning Bridges

Didn’t you know? “They can’t be burning down Palestinian villages.” Rep. Ro Khanna did not know it either, but he uttered those words anyway in an interview last Friday with MSNBC in noting that President...

February 11,1953: The USSR breaks off relations with Israel

The Soviet Union broke off diplomatic relations with Israel on this date in 1953, only one month after the “Doctors’ Plot” was announced in Moscow and only one month before Stalin died, probably from...

January 26, 1980: Israel & Egypt establish diplomatic relations

Egypt and Israel normalized their relations on January 26, 1980, opening the borders of land, sea and air. One day after handing over the El-Arish line (Sinai) to the Government of Cairo. The Israeli Embassy...

January 11, 2014: Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel, died

Ariel Sharon, byname Arik Sharon, original name Ariel Scheinerman, (born February 26, 1928, Kefar Malal, Palestine —died January 11, 2014, Ramat Gan, Israel), Israeli general and politician, whose public life was marked by brilliant but controversial military achievements and...

Netanyahu against Capitol violence but maintains full support for Trump

The riots in which participants stormed the Capitol building are the opposite of American and Israeli values, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday, the morning after the violent events in Washington, at the...
Israeli women working in high-tech pose with a life-size picture of German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a protest a Rabin Square in Tel Aviv on Oct. 10, 2018. Photo by Flash90.

Israel No. 1 on Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs

Israel took the No. 1 spot in Mastercard’s 2020 Index of Women Entrepreneurs, ahead of the United States, Switzerland and 55 other countries in terms of the progress made by female entrepreneurs and business owners. “Taking the...