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Israelis take to the streets on Yom Kippur

At Yom Kippur, Israel grinds to a halt. For 25 hours, schools, restaurants and businesses shut down, roads empty out as driving is prohibited, and there are no buses, no trains and no planes. Known as...
Demonstrators in front of the White House protesting the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Credit: john smith 2021/Shutterstock.

Taliban triumph in Afghanistan has Arab states and Israel hedging dependence on US

The Taliban’s quick takeover of Afghanistan has Middle Eastern countries deeply concerned about their dependence on the U.S. security umbrella. Elliott Abrams, who served as Special Representative for Iran and Venezuela during the Donald Trump...
Hezbollah fighters holding the terror group's flags. Credit: nsf2019/Shutterstock.

Hezbollah’s notorious Unit 133 is back in business

Earlier this month, the Israel Defense Force and Israel Police announced that they had thwarted a significant weapons-smuggling attempt from Lebanon into Israel. A total of 43 firearms worth millions of shekels were confiscated...
The seven women who completed the officer-training course with Israel's Border Police, July 4, 2021. Credit: Israeli Border Police.

Record number of women to become officers with Israel’s Border Police

A record seven women completed the Border Police’s officer-training course on Sunday, two of them cited for outstanding performance. The seven women were among a graduating class of 23 candidates, who will now join the...
claudia gabriela marques vieira, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

War And Pieces: The Shape of Teachers’ Anti-Israel Drive

So much for “the peaceful solution” and “this very peaceful way.” Amani Barakat must be joking when she twice touts the “peaceful” tactics of an anti-Israel drive among West Coast teachers’ unions. Simultaneously, Barakat continues...
U.S. Chief of Protocol Cam Henderson assists U.S. President Donald Trump, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Foreign Affairs for the United Arab Emirates Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan with the documents during the signing of the Abraham Accords on the South Lawn of the White House, Sept. 15, 2020. Credit: Andrea Hanks/White House.

A Central Asia model for Israel and the Middle East

As the Abraham Accords set in and the ties between moderate Arab states and Israel strengthen, more formalized relationships that tackle crucial regional issues—the Iranian threat, anti-terrorism efforts, and economic development, including desalinization and...
Christian worshippers. Credit: Jantanee Runpranomkorn/Shutterstock.

New study reveals drop in number of young evangelical Christians supporting Israel

A new study conducted at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke shows a significant decrease in support for Israel among young evangelical Christians over the last few years. Evangelical Christians have long been considered...
Participants of the kibbutz female leadership program meet with the Kibbutz Movement’s Secretary-General Nir Meir (in blue). Credit: Hilit Ben Zvi.

An extra leadership edge for women on kibbutz

Israel’s kibbutzim have always been at the forefront of equality, with women working the land, taking part in leadership and generally viewed to be just as capable as their male counterparts. And yet, most of...

Israel headed for severe garbage-disposal crisis, warns Environment Ministry

Israel is likely to run out of landfill space for the disposal of waste by next year, the Environmental Protection Ministry warned mayors and local council heads this week. The Efaa, Ganey Hadas and Tarbin...

Can Israel’s new government make up with Democrats?

Like a student on the first day of a new school semester, the slate is clean for new governments seeking to improve relations with other countries. In such circumstances, hope and optimism are the...