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Israeli sci-fi fans at the 2018 ICon Festival. Credit: ICon Festival.

Adventures in Israel’s science-fiction scene

The first time Sheldon Teitelbaum came across a science fiction book was as a sixth-grader at a Talmud Torah in Montreal, Canada. A book with red bindings about a subversive school on Mars jumped...

10 years after Iconic Dead Sea Project, International Artist Spencer Tunick Returns to Israel...

www.TheDeadSeaMuseum.com is excited to announce the public opening of a virtual exhibition on October 17 with internationally renowned artist Spencer Tunick that, for the first time, showcases his full range of artworks from the Dead...

Remember ‘Grapes of Wrath’? ‘Mother Road’ at SD Rep is the Sequel

The name John Steinbeck evokes images of the hay-field covered American southwest, the Dust Bowl, hungry children with dirty faces, and men and women scarred by depression and poverty. Where Grapes of Wrath left off, a...
Lili Erdos (far right) and her family at the Cholent Festival in Budapest, Hungary, on Aug. 27, 2021. Photo By Eliana Rudee.

‘Cholent Festival’ brings Jewish culture to Hungary via food, music, traditions

Thousands of people took part in the Sixth Hungarian ‘Cholent Festival’ (“Sólet” in Hungarian) at the Újbuda outdoor theater in Budapest before the start of the High Holidays, organized by the Chabad Lubavitch organization...

Pandemic Postcard Messages, 1918-1920

A substantial portion of the following story appeared in “Messages by Regular Folk on 1918 Pandemic” online in Postcard History on August 22, 2021. That publication’s editor gave permission to reprint it in the cause “that...

‘Artists for Good’ Donate Works to Aid Non-Profits

What if immersing yourself in art could create ripples that would beautify someone else’s world?  Imagine simply indulging your inner aesthete and at the same time providing aid and support to a worthy charity....
From left: David Benaym, Noam Leibman and Rudy Rochman in Nigeria. Credit: “We Were Never Lost.”

How three Israeli filmmakers wound up becoming the story in Africa

Three Israeli documentary filmmakers arrived home safely from Nigeria at the end of last week, after what they described as 20 “hellish days” detained under inhumane conditions by the government’s Department of State Services (DSS)...
The suitcase Hannah Senesh used to move from Hungary to what was then British Mandatory Palestine. Credit: The National Library of Israel.

National Library of Israel digitizes personal effects, poetry of Hannah Senesh

In celebrating 100 years since the birth of Jewish war hero and poet Hannah Senesh (Szenes), the National Library of Israel has digitized dozens of items from her recently acquired archive, many of them never previously...
In a new temporary exhibit, “Coffee: East and West,” the Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem pulls all those strands together to tell a compelling story of economic, social, religious and cultural significance, July 2021. Credit: Courtesy.

East meets West: Jerusalem exhibit displays coffee culture through the ages

Coffee culture in Israel is as varied as the population. Bedouin hospitality dictates finely ground dark coffee served in tiny cups; Arabs will serve strong Turkish coffee often spiked with a dash of cardamom...

Israel opens dazzling new Nanoscience and Art Museum

How do 150,000 stretchy rubber bands depict the healing process of damaged neurons? How do 16 electric violin players pinpoint the moment that synchrony transitions to chaos? These and other works at Israel’s newest museum...