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Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.). Source: Richard Neal via Facebook.

Israel support pushed to side in heated Massachusetts congressional primary

Longtime Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.) is facing a serious primary challenge from progressive Alex Morse on Sept. 1 in Massachusetts’s 1st Congressional District. Will Morse, currently the mayor of Holyoke, Mass., continue the streak of...
Egyptian military counter-terrorism unit 777. Credit: Wikipedia.

Report: Egyptian Army kills 77 radical Islamic militants in Sinai operations

The Egyptian Army announced that its forces have killed 77 radical Islamic militants in the Sinai Peninsula since July 22. The military said that the operations it has been conducting in the Sinai for the...
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah during a discussion with officials from Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s office, on Sept. 23, 2019. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Former Hezbollah leader: Nasrallah should be first to stand trial for Beirut blast

Hezbollah’s first secretary-general, Subhi al-Tufayli, said in a televised sermon last week that the group’s current leader, Hassan Nasrallah, should be first in line to stand trial over the Aug. 4 explosion at the...
Workers disinfect a classroom at the Gymnasia Rehavia high school in Jerusalem on June 3, 2020. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90.

10,000 Israelis quarantined, 43 schools closed following COVID-19 spike

A sharp rise in the number of coronavirus patients in Israel, particularly among students and teachers, is causing health and education officials to consider shutting down the school system for the rest of the academic year....

February 12, 1938: Judy Blume, popular young-adult author, is born

Judy Blume, who redefined the terms of acceptable discourse in children’s literature on her way to selling eighty million copies of her books and seeing them translated into thirty-one languages, was born in Elizabeth,...
Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas delivers a speech regarding the newly revealed Trump peace plan at P.A. headquarters in Ramallah on Jan. 28, 2020. Photo by Flash90.

Abbas rips Trump, Mideast peace plan at Arab League meeting in Cairo

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas and leaders of Arab countries expressed their disapproval over the newly revealed U.S. Mideast peace plan at the Arab League summit in Cairo over the weekend. “I am profoundly convinced...
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (left) and Atomic Energy Organization of Iran head Ali Akbar Salehi, Oct. 15, 2015. Photo: Hamed Malekpour via Wikimedia Commons.

Iran warns Europe that its soldiers ‘could be in danger’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned on Wednesday that European soldiers in the Middle East “could be in danger” after France, Britain and Germany on Tuesday triggered the dispute resolution mechanism of the 2015 nuclear deal, a...

Hussein Mohammed Halawa, sec.-gen. du Conseil européen des fatwas et de la recherche :...

Voir les extraits vidéo sur MEMRI TV Hussein Mohammed Halawa, secrétaire général du Conseil européen des fatwas et de la recherche (CEFR) basé à Dublin, a déclaré dans une interview diffusée sur la chaîne Al-Hiwar...

Le patriarche Louis Raphaël I Sako : Il faut de nouveaux manuels scolaires plus...

Voir les extraits vidéo sur MEMRI TV Louis Raphaël I Sako, patriarche chaldéen catholique de Babylone, a déclaré dans une interview diffusée le 18 octobre 2019 sur la chaîne Sharqiya News (Irak) que les programmes...
Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman at the Munich Security Conference in 2017. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The letter that Avigdor Liberman will never write

The “letter” below has, of course, never been written; it’s a product of my imagination. Yet without a move along its lines, Israel won’t have a government and we may have to go to...