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Daily Archives: June 18, 2021

Hezbollah flags flying over southern Lebanon. Credit: John Grummitt/Shutterstock.

Israeli research center exposes how Hezbollah ‘liaisons’ help control Lebanon

The fact that Hezbollah is deeply embedded in some 200 southern Lebanese villages is well known, but what is less known is the role played by the terror organization’s local administrators. Now, a new report published on...
Lod imam Yusuf Elbaz (screen capture: YouTube)

Imam of Incitement – in custody

Earlier this month, The Regavim Movement filed an official complaint against a Lod religious figure, Imam Youssef Albaz, including detailed documentation of his inflammatory, racist pronouncements and explicit calls to his followers to commit...

The Need To Be Both Male And Female In Today’s World

 Androgyny and gender fluidity are two concepts that are increasingly mentioned with regard to gender expression and gender identity in today’s world.  A person who is androgynous is someone who partakes of psychological characteristics...