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French Jewish Capt. Alfred Dreyfus. Source: Screenshot.

BBC changes label calling French army captain Dreyfus ‘notorious Jewish spy’

The BBC changed the description of a new French period crime drama that identified Alfred Dreyfus, an army captain falsely convicted of treason, as a “notorious Jewish spy.” The broadcaster edited the written synopsis of the BBC Four program...
Capt. Alfred Dreyfus being stripped of rank in the French military (“Le traître : Dégradation d’Alfred Dreyfus”), Jan. 13, 1895. Credit: Henri Meyer, National Library of France (Bibliothèque Nationale de France).

J’Accuse! Our Dreyfus and theirs

Two months after its shellacking in the United Kingdom’s general elections, the Labour Party continues to remind British voters of why they chose the “anyone-but-Jeremy-Corbyn” option. Last week, it was the turn of John McDonnell—Corbyn’s...