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Dr. Adi Gidali, a New York-trained physical therapy supervisor at the Outpatient Brain Injury Unit at Sheba Medical Center, with 24-year-old recovering patient Netanel Felber. Credit: Sheba Medical Center.

Wounded IDF soldier makes strides at Sheba brain rehab unit

For Judi Felber, each bit of progress that her 24-year-old son, Netanel, makes at Sheba Medical Center’s Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit—everything from grasping an object to sitting up independently to even just smiling—is celebrated. On...

Israeli soldier lightly injured in anti-tank missile attack

An Israel Defense Forces soldier was lightly injured by shrapnel after a Gazan terror faction fired an anti-tank missile at an open touring bus in southern Israel. The military said the soldier was standing...

Ceasefire reportedly ‘not before Friday,’ as rockets, Israeli Air Force strikes persist

A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is unlikely to take effect before Friday, Channel 22 reported on Wednesday, following a situational analysis held by Israeli defense chiefs. Hamas announced that it was withdrawing from its agreement to...

IDF soldiers thwart terror attack in Hebron

Israeli soldiers thwarted a terrorist attack on Tuesday afternoon in the Jewish community of Hebron, the military said in a statement. The suspect, who was armed with a “Carlo” submachine gun, a knife and explosives,...

Israel has demolished major Hamas capabilities, says IDF commander

The real test of the current efforts by the Israel Defense Forces to pound Hamas will be measured over years, Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva, the head of the IDF Operations Branch, told N12 on Wednesday. He siad...

Why can’t the news media write ‘terrorist’?

While the American media has been focused on domestic issues, the escalation of violence in Israel has reached the level where it cannot be ignored or buried behind other stories. What remains remarkable, however,...

Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh declares ‘victory’ over Israel

During his first public speech since the start of the latest escalation of rocket attacks from Gaza and Israeli retaliation, Hamas political bureau chief Ismail Haniyeh on Tuesday declared “victory” over the Jewish state. The Hamas head said...

Blinken: Israel has ‘absolute’ right to defend itself

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken backed Israel’s right to self-defense as the onslaught of rocket fire being launched by Hamas in Gaza has entered its third day on Wednesday. “I think Israel has an...

IDF kills top Hamas commanders in Gaza; rocket barrages on southern Israel continue

The Israeli military announced on Wednesday that a number of top Hamas commanders had been killed in a “complex” operation in the Gaza Strip. The commanders, who the Israeli military said was “close to” the...

Lod placed under lockdown after Arab rioting, Netanyahu vows to ‘restore order

The central Israeli city of Lod was placed under emergency lockdown on Tuesday night to clamp down on violence undertaken by Arab residents there. The population of about 80,000 Jews and Arabs saw rioting and...