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Police and rescue personnel at the scene of a terror attack near the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem. Two Israelis wear moderatly injured in the stabbing attack, and the Palestinian terrorist was shot, Sept. 13, 2021. Photo by Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90.

Palestinian terrorist stabs, moderately injures two Israeli students in Jerusalem

A Palestinian terrorist stabbed and moderately injured two Israeli men in their 20s near the Jerusalem Central Bus Station on Monday afternoon. The attack victims, both yeshivah students, have been evacuated to the hospital. A Border Policewoman...
Omar Bar-Lev, Dec. 28, 2011. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Irsaeli public security minister announces inquiry committee into prison break

Israel’s Public Security Minister Omar Bar-Lev announced on Thursday the formation of a government inquiry commission to examine the failures that enabled the escape of six convicted Palestinian terrorists from Gilboa Prison on Monday. The decision was...
Sirhan Sirhan at the time of his arrest in 1968. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Parole recommended for RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan

Sirhan Sirhan, the Palestinian terrorist who murdered U.S. presidential candidate Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) 53 years ago over his support for Israel, could be released from prison within a few months, multiple media...
A Palestinian truck loaded with bags of cement after entering the southern Gaza Strip from Israel through the Kerem Shalom crossing in Rafah on May 23, 2016. Photo by Abed Rahim Khatib/ Flash90.

IDF confiscates shipment of chocolate bars meant to fund Hamas operations

A joint operation by intelligence units of the Israel Defense Forces, the economic terrorism headquarters of Israel’s Ministry of Defense and the Israel Tax Authority stopped an attempt to transfer funds to Hamas by...
A hole leading into a tunnel, discovered in June 2021, that runs under an UNRWA-run school in the Gaza Strip. Source: Twitter.

Hamas bars UN inspectors from examining tunnel under UNRWA school in Gaza

Hamas prevented a team of U.N. inspectors from examining a tunnel discovered in June under a school in Gaza city’s Zaitoun neighborhood, Israel’s Kan news reported on Tuesday. Citing Palestinian sources, the report stated that a U.N. Mine Action...
The aftermath of the suicide bombing at the Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem on Aug. 9, 2001, that killed 15 people, including two Americans, and wounded around 130 others. Photo by Flash90.

Two decades after Sbarro suicide bombing, survivors’ scars are still healing

Twenty years ago, a suicide bomber blew himself up in the Sbarro restaurant at the corner of King George Street and Jaffa Road in the center of Jerusalem. Fifteen people were murdered, including seven...
Ofer Prison, an Israeli incarceration facility in the Judea and Samaria, between Ramallah and Giv’at Ze’ev. It is one of three facilities of the same nature, including Megiddo and Ktzi’ot prisons. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Report: Israel Prison Service facilitating payments to Palestinian terrorists

A special clause in the contract between Israel’s Postal Bank (IPB) and the Israel Prison Service (IPS) stipulates that the latter will compensate the former should it be sued for violating the country’s anti-terror...
Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar holding a Palestinian child dressed as a Hamas fighter during a rally in Gaza City, on May 24, 2021. Photo by Atia Mohammed/Flash90.

Casualties in the 2021 Gaza conflict: How many and who were they?

During the 11 days of Hamas’s rocket assault against Israel, twelve civilians in Israel and an IDF soldier, Omer Tabib, were killed by Hamas terrorists. An additional 312 civilians and three soldiers were wounded in Israel. In Gaza, the Hamas-run...
A Palestinian carries an aid package from UNRWA in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on Sept. 27, 2018. Photo by Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90.

Biden’s reward to UNRWA for bad behavior

The United States transferred $135 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) on Saturday. This was in addition to the nearly $33 million that it gave to the organization in...
Ahmed Jibril, founder of the PFLP-GC, died, age 83, on July 8, 2021. Source: YouTube.

Ahmed Jibril, founder of Palestinian terrorist group, dies at 83

Ahmed Jibril, leader of a Palestinian terror group responsible for multiple hijackings, bombings and kidnappings, died in Damascus on Wednesday at the age of 83. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC),...