Programs on Yiddish literature and culture recorded at Montreal’s Jewish Public Library, 1953-2005.

About this program:
di megile fun itsik manger
Mit: איציק מאַנגער | דב זלצר | שמואל בונים
The Megile of Itzik Manger
Featuring: Itzik Manger | Dov Seltzer | Shmuel Bunim
This recording was digitized and added to the audio library in November 2015.

This recording is in Yiddish.





Listen to the dramatic reading / or read at your leisure the Purim Megile read by David Roskies

rofessor David Roskies taught Yiddish and Jewish literature for many years at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and he is widely recognized as one of the preeminent Yiddish scholars of his generation. It is, however, his lesser-known talent as an amateur thespian that he draws upon in this reading of Yehoash’s Yiddish translation of Megiles ester (The Megillah of Esther), filmed in Jerusalem 2016.

Download the Yiddish text.