Abraham ibn Ezra
(Rabbi Abraham ben Meir ibn Ezra/Abenezra)
(Tudela, 1092 / Calahorra, 1167)

If I observe the Shabat, God will protect me
It is an eternal sign between Him and me.

It is forbidden to carry objects
undertake journeys or talk of everyday events,
commercial affairs and even things of the kingdom.
I will only meditate on the Torah of God,
which will give me wisdom.

I will re-read the Torah of God which will make me wiser.
In it I will find peace for my soul.
Just as for the first generation my holy God performed
a miracle, giving them double bread,
in the same way He will duplicate my food every Friday.

God gave us a religious law which prescribes
the presentation of the Bread of Proposition.
That is why its is forbidden to torture oneself
according to the wise men, except on the Day of
Atonement (Yom Kippur).

It is a day which demands respect,
a day to take delight,
in bread and good wine, in meat and fish.
Those who are happy on that day will find happiness
because it is a day when God fills me with happiness.