The Germans killed the people, the Russians the intellectuals and the others killed our memory wanting to make us believe that we died like sheep when the reality is exactly the opposite; the Jews formed the most extensive resistance groups from France to Russia and were vital in the allied victory.

This book, dedicated to the work of Oyneg Shabes, the resistance and documentation group of the Warsaw ghetto that demands – and documents – that we recover our memory, that we be the ones who write our own history and not leave this work to others.

Armed resistance inside and outside the ghetto; cultural resistance, spiritual resistance -all that was possible (and in many cases entire countries could not do) is documented in this book that although it is hard to read allows us to read it with pride and satisfaction.

Hopefully everyone will read it and everyone will study it to know what happened, what made us what we are today and gives us the tools to survive an uncertain future that threatens us all from the Near East and in multiple communities.