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Erich Isaac, seated in jeep (front left) during the War of Independence, 1948. Credit: Isaac Family.

Erich Isaac, 93, fighter for Israel’s independence, Zionist activist, prominent geographer

One of the last of the Jewish Fighters for the Freedom of Israel (Lehi) and first chairman of Americans for A Safe Israel (AFSI) passed away on Nov. 5. He was 93 years old. Dr....
The suitcase Hannah Senesh used to move from Hungary to what was then British Mandatory Palestine. Credit: The National Library of Israel.

National Library of Israel digitizes personal effects, poetry of Hannah Senesh

In celebrating 100 years since the birth of Jewish war hero and poet Hannah Senesh (Szenes), the National Library of Israel has digitized dozens of items from her recently acquired archive, many of them never previously...
Water distributed to Jerusalemites from locally manufactured containers made of aluminum to prevent rusting, 1931. Credit: Yaacov Ben Dov/KKL-JNF archives.

KKL-JNF releases never-before-seen photos of Jerusalem

In honor of the 54th anniversary of Israel’s liberation of Jerusalem in the Six-Day War, Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) has released four photos from the days of the British Mandate before the...
Hannah and Giora Senesh (Szenes), 1924. Credit: National Library of Israel's Hannah Senesh Archival Collection.

Archival collection of Hannah Senesh comes to National Library of Israel

In 1944, the Jewish, Hungarian-born paratrooper Hannah Senesh (Szenes) was parachuted into occupied Europe by the British in a desperate attempt to save Hungarian Jews from the Nazi death camps. Captured, tortured and executed...
Leaders attending the San Remo Conference in April 1920. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

The San Remo Conference, a century on

This month marks the 100th anniversary of the San Remo Conference. The international meeting was held by the Allied Supreme Council in the Italian Riviera in the aftermath of World War I, and determined...
Samuel Augustus Mitchell [Public domain]

The sordid 100-year history of the ‘two-state solution’

With both friends and enemies of Israel exercised over the latest incarnation of what we know as the “two-state solution,” it’s worth remembering that the very first such solution was enacted in infamy nearly...