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The Kharkiv Yiddish literary world, 1920s‐mid‐1930s

The Kharkiv Yiddish literaryworld, 1920s ‐ mid ‐1930s Gennady Estraikh Associate Fellow, Oxford Centre for Hebrewand Jewish Studies Published online: 19 Jun 2008. Download PDF, click here. East European Jewish Affairs Publication details, including instructions for authors and subscription information:...

Joan-Micklin-Silver, Pioneer Female Director, Demonstrated Popularity of Jewish Film Subjects

Joan Micklin Silver (1935-2020) passed away on New Year’s Eve. She belonged to a cohort of pioneering American female directors in the 1970s, many of whom were Jewish. Whereas most of her Jewish counterparts...
The ancient stone found in the Nitzana National Park in the Negev in Jan. 2021. Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority.

Ancient burial stone bearing Greek inscription found in Negev national park

A stone bearing a Greek inscription from the end of the Byzantine period was discovered last weekend in the Nitzana National Park in the Negev, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced on Wednesday. The flat, round...
Photo opportunity outside of the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot, ID. 130 Northwest Main St; Blackfoot, ID 83221

There are museums for so many interests

Fantasize. Plan an imaginary trip. Breakout mentally from pandemic limitations The world is awash with museums. It demonstrates the human need to remember and pass on artifacts of the heights and depths of civilization. The Reader’s...
From left: Gush Etzion Regional Council head Shlomo Ne’eman, Gush Etzion Tourism Division director Moshe Bruce, Israeli Minister of Agriculture Alon Schuster and Health Ministry director-general Amir Halevi at the ribbon-cutting ceremony to rededicate Gush Etzion's “Lone Oak Tree” plaza on Dec. 21, 2020. Photo by Gershon Ellinson.

Gush Etzion’s ‘Lone Oak Tree’ plaza rededicated in festive ceremony

After two years of renovations, Gush Etzion’s “Lone Oak Tree” plaza was rededicated on Monday at a ceremony attended by Israeli Agriculture Minister Alon Schuster, Tourism Ministry director-general Amir Halevi, Gush Etzion Regional Council...

10 Christmas song you didn’t know were written by Jewish artists

Ever wonder who’s behind some of the most popular Christmas songs in the world? While it only seems natural that Christmas songs would be written by those who actually celebrate the holiday, many popular...

Daniel Galay’s words on receiving his lifetime achievement award

ד״ר שׂרה זיו — פֿאָרזיצערין; פֿרוי יהודית סולל — גענעראַל דירעקטאָרין פֿון דער נאַציאָנאַלער אינסטאַנץ פֿאַר ייִדישער קולטור; חשובֿער עולם: ווען כ’בין געווען פֿינף יאָר אַלט, אין בוענאָס־אײַרעס, האָט מיך מײַן מוטער צום ערשטן מאָל...

December 16,1947: Malina’s Jewish Anarchist Play

Judith Malina, co-founder with Julian Beck of the Living Theater in 1947, premiered what she described as “my Jewish anarchist play,” Korach, on this date in 2010. “In retelling the familiar story of Korach as it unfolds...

Der Dibek (The Dybbuk): 100th Anniversary Production

December 2020 marks 100 years since the curtain first rose on the Vilner Troupe's ground-breaking production of Sh. Ansky's Der Dibek (The Dybbuk, or, Between Two Worlds) which theater historian Debra Caplan calls 'the...
Books. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Morocco to become first Arab nation to teach Jewish history, culture in schools

Trailblazing change, Morocco on Sunday announced that its schools will soon begin teaching Jewish history and culture as part of the official curriculum—a first in the region and in the North African country, where...