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Eva’s Hungarian apple and lemon curd hand pies

Eva’s Hungarian Apple and Lemon Curd Hand Pies

My mom, Eva z”l, baked hand pies that are surprisingly easy to make and deliver everything I remember about her baking. She uses her incredibly flaky pie crust recipe, and then you have an...
Architect’s rendering of ToHa Tel Aviv office complex. Image courtesy of Ron Arad Architects/Israel21c.

28 floors Tel Aviv skyscraper wins international design award

The Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat chose Tel Aviv’s two-year-old ToHa skyscraper as the overall winner in the office building category of its 18th annual awards program. ToHa is located at the intersection of Derech Hashalom,...
Postcard from Franz Kafka to Max Brod. Credit: Literary estate of Max Brod/The National Library of Israel.

Franz Kafka Collection now accessible online through National Library of Israel

The National Library of Israel’s Franz Kafka Collection is now online for the first time, following an intensive years-long process of conservation and restoration work, cataloging and digitization. The collection—one of the largest of its kind—contains dozens...
Hershey Felder as Sergei Rachmaninoff with J Anthony Crane as Czar Nicholas II in Nicholas, Anna & Sergei

Music Rises Like A Phoenix

Telling the story of someone’s life without turning it into a thick biography is the art of the raconteur. The art is to seize upon a single, defining moment and work from there. Maestro...

Children’s Literature: The Candy Man Mystery

SAN DIEGO – Rabbi Kerry Olitzky, author of The Candy Man Mystery, is primarily known as a Jewish educator having served as a dean at the Hebrew Union College—Jewish Institute of Religion and as...
Shmurah matzah. Credit: Chabad.org.

The Story Behind The Matzo Project

BROOKLYN, New York — I dreamt up the idea to make artisanal matzo way back in 1995, for Brett Kelly, my next door neighbor in my rent-stabilized, West Village apartment building. Her parents were...

Verter fun der Vokh – Poetry

אין‮ די שולן לערנט מען זיך‮ געוויי֜נטלעך אויס‮ ווי אי֜בערצולייענען‮ און פֿאַרשטיי֜ן פּאָע֜זיע‮. דאָס אָ֜נשרײַבן‮ אַ ליד‮ ‮‮איז, פֿאַרשטיי֜ט זיך, אַ סך שווע֜רער‮, באַפֿרי֜דיקט עס אָ֜בער‮ שטאַרק דעם שרײַ֜בער פֿו֜נעם‮ ליד. אַז מע‮ ווייסט ווי‮‮ אָ֜נצוהייבן‮ קען יע֜דער איי֜נער אַליי֜ן נע֜מען‮ שרײַבן לי֜דער.‮ ‮ We usually learn to...

French-Israeli author wins France’s top literary prize

A French-Israeli author has been awarded France’s most prestigious literary honor, the Spring Goncourt Prize, reported Haaretz on Monday. Shmuel T. Meyer, 64, won the prize for Et la guerre est finie … (And the War Is Over …...
Mural by Jackson Pollock (Photo: Wikipedia)

‘Mural’ Came From Deep in Pollock’s Unconscious

Since at least 2014, Mural (1943) has been on perpetual tour. So much has already been said about this large painting – books are devoted solely to the analysis of Jackson Pollock’s first great masterpiece. What...
Nserrano, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Lipinsky Family S.D. Jewish Arts Festival Schedule Announced

The 28th Annual Lipinsky Family San Diego Jewish Arts Festival, Jfest 2021, promises to be sparkling with more stars from all corners of the globe than ever before, thanks to the virtual platform for all...