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How is this White House Seder different than all others?

The Biden administration is hosting a virtual Passover Seder open to the general public on Thursday in a move to expand its outreach to the broader American Jewish community, the White House told the...
The new Passover Haggadah produced by Chabad.org. Credit: Courtesy.

New Chabad Haggadah becomes No. 1 bestselling Jewish book on Amazon

The Passover Haggadah has seen more editions than any other Jewish book in history. Still, the recently released Chabad.org Haggadah, which is faithful to tradition, has already set a new standard for the times. Written and...
Shmurah matzah. Credit: Chabad.org.

Pesach basics: ‘Alef-bet’ on how to prep a seder at home

The Jewish holiday of Passover—the celebration of Jewish freedom—is traditionally spent with family and friends. But with the coronavirus curtailing travel plans and social interactions, many are facing the prospect of celebrating Passover alone. “It...
A Passover table setting. Credit: New Africa/Shutterstock.

Passover 2021: The Jewish season of hope arrives

When the Haggadah tells us: “You have redeemed us from Egypt, You have freed us from the house of bondage, You have fed us in famine and nourished us in plenty; You have saved...
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Pesach: War of Worldcraft

Like most kids, ours spend a lot of time on their gadgets. We brought them into the world with the hope they might savor the gift of life. Or at least ride their bikes...
Passover Haggadah. Credit: Pixabay.

Pesach 2021: The holiday of our (impending) freedom

We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. With coronavirus vaccinations ramping up throughout the country, this may be the last Jewish holiday we spend in our small bubbles, restricted from...
The cover of the “Guide to Passover,” produced by the Orthodox Union. Credit: Courtesy.

Orthodox Union releases its ‘Guide to Passover’ 2021

The Orthodox Union has released its annual “Guide to Passover,” which provides comprehensive guidance about kosher-for-Passover products. This year’s edition, available in both PDF and online database formats, features nearly 30,000 kosher-for-Passover products and charts...
Matzah-ball soup. Credit: Flickr.

OneTable offers resources and guidance for meaningful, safe Passover seders

At a time when people are feeling isolated and in need of meaningful connection, OneTable, which empowers people to envision new rituals and build community through Shabbat dinner experiences, is helping boost the Passover seder. To...
Rabbi Elie Mischel of Suburban Torah Center in Livingston, N.J. (left) and Rabbi Elliot Mathias, global COO of Aish HaTorah, speak to U.S. soldiers in Kuwait via Zoom on Friday morning to thank them for their service and welcome them for the Purim Megillah reading. Photo by Faygie Holt.

Aish HaTorah livestreams Megillah reading to US troops in Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar

Through a request from U.S. Army Chaplain Rabbi David Becker, Aish Global livestreamed Megillah readings via Zoom to U.S. military troops stationed in Kuwait, Qatar and Iraq on both Purim evening and Purim day. Rabbi...

Verter fun der Vokh – Happy Purim!

Purim nonsense rhyme: אַ גוטן פּו֜רים, אַ֜לע׳ך‮ <מלאך>‮! וווּ איך גיי פֿ‮אַל איך‮, די באָרד איז מי‮ר לאַנג,‮ דאָס ווײַב איז מיר‮ קראַנק‮, הײַנט איז פּו֜רים, מאָרגן‮ איז אויס‮ –‮ גיט מיר אַ פּע֜ני <‮גראָשן> און וואַרפֿט מיך‮ אַרויס‮! A GUTN...